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    Interfaces1x X2X Link slave
    Power supply24 VDC
    Status indicatorsI/O function for each channel, status
    I/O functionYes, with LEDs
    X2X Link interfaceYes, with status LED
    Power consumption2.0 W
    Electrical isolation
    24 VDC - OutputNo
    24 VDC - InputYes
    Input - OutputYes
    X2X Link - Input/OutputYes
    ULcULus E115267
    Industrial control equipment
    User interface
    Design12-pin multipoint plug
    TypeX2X Link slave
    Nominal voltage24 VDC
    Input filter
    Channel 1-3≤4 µs
    Channel 4-16≤200 µs
    Channel 1-3-
    Channel 4-16-
    Input circuitSink or source
    Additional functions
    Channel 1-3Event counting, incremental encoder operation, gate, frequency and period measurement
    Channel 4-16-
    Nominal voltage24 VDC
    Total nominal current10.0 A
    Output circuitSource
    Output protectionThermal cutoff for overcurrent or short circuit,
    Integrated protection for switching inductances
    Sensor power supplyExternal
    Additional functionsPulse width modulation
    Nominal output current
    Outputs 1 - 40.5 A
    Outputs 5 - 82.0 A
    Degree of protection per EN 60529IP20
    Operation0 to 55°C
    Storage-25 to 70°C
    Relative humidity
    Operation5 to 95%
    NoteOrder 1x TB712 terminal block separately
    Order 2x TB718 terminal blocks separately
    InstallationOn EN50022 compliant mounting rails or screw mounting
    Width170 mm
    Height80 mm
    Depth30 mm
    Weight355 g


  • 16 digital inputs with special functions (event counting, incremental encoder operation, gate, frequency and period measurement)
  • 16 digital outputs (2 outputs with pulse width modulation)
Product description:
Material number:
Remote input/output module, 24 VDC, X2X Link, electrically isolated, 16 digital inputs 24 VDC, sink/source, 2 event counters or 1 incremental encoder or 1 gate time/period duration measurement, 12 digital outputs 0.5 A, 4 digital outputs 2 A, 24 VDC, 2 digital outputs (2 A) with PWM functionality, order 2x 0TB718 and 1x 0TB712 terminal block separately.
Terminal blocks
  • 7TB712.9

    Accessory terminal block, 12-pin, screw clamps 1.5 mm²

  • 7TB712.91

    Accessory terminal block, 12-pin, cage clamp terminal block 1.5 mm²

  • 7TB718.9

    Accessory terminal block, 18-pin, screw clamps 1.5 mm²

  • 7TB718.91

    Accessory terminal block, 18-pin, cage clamp terminal block 1.5 mm²

Terminal blocks
  • 7TB722.9

    2003 terminal block, 22-pin, screw clamps

  • 7TB722.91

    2003 terminal block, 22-pin, cage clamps

  • 7TB733.9

    2003 terminal block, 33-pin, screw clamps

  • 7TB733.91

    2003 terminal block, 33-pin, cage clamps

  • 7TB736.9

    2003 terminal block, 36-pin, screw clamps

  • 7TB736.91

    2003 terminal block, 36-pin, cage clamps

  • 7TB772.91

    2003 terminal block, 72-pin, cage clamps

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