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New reACTION modules

New X20 system I/O modules featuring reACTION technology: B&R presents new X20 system I/O modules featuring reACTION technology. In addition to the digital inputs and outputs, the new modules also have 2 analog outputs or 1 analog input and 1 analog output. The analog inputs and outputs are designed for ±10 V and are digitized with 12-bit resolution.

Innovations2016 Controls reACTION 8202

With reACTION technology, response times down to 1 µs can be achieved – easily and cost-effectively. The appropriate programs are executed in the Automation Studio function block editor and then directly in the I/O modules. All reACTION modules are standardly equipped with 4 ultrafast digital inputs and 4 ultrafast channels that can be configured as either an input or output.

  • Highlights
  • Response times down to 1 µs
  • Analog inputs and outputs
  • Simple programming

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