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New T50 web terminal sizes

T50 Webterminals
The Power Panel T50 features a projected capacitive multi-touch screen, perfect for creating modern and user-friendly HMI applications.

B&R further expands Power Panel series

B&R is expanding the Power Panel T50 series with two new sizes. There are now five different sizes to choose from, with diagonals ranging from 5 to 15.6". All T50 models have a glass touch screen and are capable of handling multi-touch gestures.

Powerful hardware

The HMI devices are compact, easy to configure and ideally suited for premium machine designs. Gestures such as zoom or swipe provide an intuitive user experience. With powerful hardware that meets the high demands of web-based HMI, the Power Panel T50 can be used to implement either web-based or VNC-based applications.

Easy configuration

The T-Series Power Panels are delivered with an integrated service page. This service page opens without having to be installed and makes it possible to customize settings such as IP address, DHCP server or screen saver directly on the device.

Fast cabling

The Power Panel T50 is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet interface. Power Panel T50 units are available with an optional integrated switch that allows simple daisy-chain cabling.

T50 Webterminals
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