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WS4: APROL Expert


The APROL process control system has been part of the B&R lineup since 1995. Since then, thousands of applications across a wide range of industries and sectors have confirmed the decisive advantages – for equipment builders and operators alike – offered by the complete integration of B&R's entire portfolio, including all redundancy and safety systems.

Maximum availability and absolute safety are the most important characteristics of a production plant. To reflect these priorities, the latest APROL release adds controller redundancy to a portfolio that already includes runtime server, workstation and network redundancy solutions.

The APROL Expert workshop is divided into a theoretical session that introduces the new features included in the latest APROL release and a practical session that shows how they can be implemented. Plenty of time will also be dedicated to discussions amongst users.


Hall 2


Mr. Harrer, Andritz Automation

B&R Team

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