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WS1: Vibration Expert


For manufacturers, condition monitoring has traditionally been strictly a matter of maintenance. With the goal of increasing machine availability, elaborate measurement equipment is installed to periodically inspect critical components. The collected measurement data is then analyzed using expensive software tools – some of which can only be used by trained experts.

With the development of its vibration measurement module with onboard analytical software, B&R has now made it both technically and economically feasible to implement 24/7 online condition monitoring in series-produced machines and lines to identify key parameters such as bearing condition or harmful resonant frequencies. As an added bonus, the measurement values this technology provides in real time can also be further utilized to optimize the parameters of the machine or line.

Goal of the workshop: Participants will be introduced to vibration measurement technology using the X20CM4810 module and connected sensors. Practical examples will be used to demonstrate the wide range of potential applications.


Hall 2


Mr. Hofinger, Pöttinger

B&R Team

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