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ETAL690.1000-1 – ETAL with simulation panel 4SIM.10-01

A device was developed for the ETA light system that can be used to simulate different types of inputs and outputs in seminars and workshops. This simulation panel is equipped with keys, switches, potentiometers, rotary encoders and a 7-segment display and is connected with other ETA light systems via POWERLINK.

General information

  • Figure
    System features
    ETAL690.1000-1 - Viewed from the front
    • Plastic housing in the form factor of a 5.7" Power Panel T-Series and C-Series device
    • 3-digit 7-segment display with sign (minus only), control via 16-bit value
    • 2 selector switches with LED lighting
    • 4 B&R illuminated ring keys, with 3-color illumination (red, green, yellow)
    • 2 potentiometers - evaluated via A/D converter
    • 1 rotary encoder, 30 mechanical positions per revolution, with pushbutton
    • 2 POWERLINK interfaces with 2 x RJ45 female connectors, address can be set using the node selector switch
    • 24 VDC power supply, same connector as for Power Panel T-/C-Series
    • Compact dimensions: HxWxD: 10x10x10mm

Order data
  • Model number
    Short description
    Simulation board
Required accessories
  • Model number / reference
    Short description
    Base plate for installing up to two ETA light systems
    Desktop power supply 24 VDC, 2.5 A
    POWERLINK connection cable for connecting a PC with Automation Studio to the X20 controller or for connecting two ETA light systems
Included in delivery
  • Model number
    Short description
    B&R simulation panel POWERLINK
    The system is delivered as shown in the image with a pre-configured power supply cable for connecting to the female connector of the desktop power supply (0TP650.07). The system can therefore be put into operation immediately after the supply voltage is connected. The item listed under the "Required accessories" category is not included in the content of delivery and must be ordered separately. All terminal blocks are included in the delivery. The model numbers can also be found in the respective data sheet.
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