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Modular drive system

The new drive generation from B&R provides a universal solution for any machine manufacturing automation task. A new milestone on the path to "Perfection in Automation".

Inverter modules (single-axis modules)
Inverter modules, SafeMOTION (single-axis modules)
Inverter modules (two-axis modules)
Inverter modules, SafeMOTION (two-axis modules)

ACOPOSmulti inverter modules with SafeMC

The existing B&R safety system, consisting of the X20 SafeIO modules, SafeLOGIC and the SafeDESIGNER toolset in Automation Studio, is enhanced with the addition of ACOPOSmulti inverter units with integrated safety technology (SafeMC). All B&R "Integrated Safety Technology" products are optimized to work together. This results in highly effective integrated safety technology application solutions with maximum cost savings.

POWERLINK Safety sets technical standards

There are a number of new approaches to safe fieldbus systems that are heavily influenced by proprietary standards and long response times. But there is a difference in the B&R Safety System and therefore also in the ACOPOSmulti inverter modules with SafeMC: It is based on POWERLINK Safety. The integrated safety functions such as "safely limited speed" can be activated directly via the network. Wiring these safety-related signals to the drive is now a thing of the past.

The information is collected from its source via safe digital inputs and outputs. It is then distributed to respective sensors and actuators – in this case the drive with integrated safety functions – via a safe CPU i.e. the SafeLOGIC controller. Connecting via POWERLINK makes it easy to achieve the best possible communication between the SafeLOGIC and the standard controller for non-safety-related program creation.

Short cycle times

Cycle times of 800 µs are achieved on the ACOPOSmulti inverter units with SafeMC while maintaining Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3).

Modular, expandable system

Not all drives and axes in a production machine are safety-related. Therefore, the ACOPOSmulti inverter modules are offered both with and without integrated safety functions (SafeMC). This makes it possible to combine safe and non-safe axes in an application as needed.

Safety functions

The following safety functions are integrated in the drive in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2 thanks to ACOPOSmulti inverter modules with SafeMC and by embedding this component in the B&R Safety system. Additionally, "Safe speed" is also provided for the SafeLOGIC. This means that safety functions can be combined in an application as needed.

Safe state

In safety-related systems, potentially dangerous situations are not permitted, even when an error occurs. This is ensured by the two-channel hardware and firmware structure as well as by the system architecture.
Bias current fail-safe is applied in this situation. In the event of error, torque and power are always switched off on the drive.

Safe speed

If an EnDat 2.2 safety encoder is installed in a system, then the SafeLOGIC can request the current speed of the motor encoder via the secure network and use that information as input signal in a safe application. With an EnDat 2.2 safety encoder, the signal fulfills SIL2 in accordance with EN 61508.


EnDat 2.2 safety encoders are used to safely determine and evaluate the position and speed of the motor. They determine the position redundantly, thereby achieving SIL2. The following safety functions are only available when using EnDat 2.2. safety encoders!

ACOPOSmulti configurations

ACOPOSmulti drive systems include multiple technology-specific functions. The ACOPOSmulti functions listed below are basic functions that the user can switch between as needed within 400 μs. Furthermore, manipulations such as changes in product length, print mark control, overlying torque control, brief process adaptations and quality checks can be carried out at any time.

  • Point-to-point
  • Electronic gears
  • Electronic differential gears
  • Cutting unit
  • Electronic cam profiles
  • Flying saws
  • Line shaft
  • CNC

ACOPOSmulti servo drives can be used in various configurations depending on the requirements of the application. The functions listed above are available to the user in each of the topology examples shown.

Reaction speeds are not influenced by the network and control system being used if technology functions are processed directly on the ACOPOSmulti drive system. Additional sensors and actuators must be integrated in the control system variation for more complex processes. In these cases, the level of performance depends mostly on the control system being used.

The topology examples shown on the following pages provide an overview of the bandwidths which are possible with B&R automation components.

ACOPOSmulti drive systems in a POWERLINK network

High-performance machine architectures require flexible networks and fieldbus systems. With POWERLINK, a network is available to the user that fully meets the high demands of dynamic motion systems. POWERLINK adapts to the requirements of the machine and the system. The rigid coupling of many axes with controllers, industrial PCs, I/O systems and operator panels allows machines and systems to be created with the highest level of precision. Compatibility to standard Ethernet also reduces the number of networks and fieldbuses on the machine level.

Successful areas of use for these topologies

  • Packaging industry
  • Handling technology
  • Plastics processing
  • Paper and printing
  • Textile industry
  • Wood industry
  • Metalworking industry
  • Semiconductor industry

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