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B&R's holistic approach to Generic Motion Control combines single-axis positioning, gear, cam profile, CNC and robotic functions. Rounded off by network-based security technology with fast response times, this makes entirely new machine concepts possible.

Ready-made technology functions for tension control, registration mark control or cross cutters allow machine manufacturers to concentrate on their core areas of expertise.

Modular machine concepts perfectly support advanced software and hardware architectures.

Servo drives

B&R drive technology includes compact drives, single-axis systems, multi-axis systems and drive components with IP65 protection for especially harsh environmental conditions.

Frequency inverters

Our frequency inverters unite intelligence and efficiency to increase machine performance and improve system competitiveness by reducing power consumption and service costs.


B&R offers motors for all areas of use: Dynamic precision motors for highly modern machine concepts, direct drives for the highest demands on dynamics and precision, motors with a high mass moment of inertia for special applications, compact servo motors for compact, cost-efficient solutions and stepper motors.


B&R planetary gearboxes are innovative and efficient gearboxes that meet the highest demands.

The market demands flexibility, and B&R meets this demand with their modular standard planetary gearboxes.

Requirements for the lowest backlash and the highest loads are met by premium planetary gearboxes.

An economical and yet powerful addition to the existing product portfolio are the economy planetary gearboxes.

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