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An extensive range of industrial PCs from B&R makes it possible to cover every possible performance class. In addition, all devices are developed, produced and individually preconfigured for your machine by B&R. Our knowledgeable in-house development team also makes sure that these systems will be available in the long term – an important factor for industrial machines and systems. One of the most important aspects considered when designing these industrial PCs was keeping their maintenance to an absolute minimum. An extremely rugged construction and optional fan-free design make B&R Industrial PCs the perfect choice for even the most challenging industrial environments.

Box PCs

Powerful Atom and Core™ 2 Duo processors ensure that the most demanding automation systems run smoothly. For drive system integration, there is a special form factor available.

Panel PCs

Panel PCs combine a display and a PC into a single extremely compact device. They are available with a touch screen and/or input keys in a wide variety of display sizes. Designed with IP65 protection are perfect for use in especially harsh environments.

Thin clients

Similar to Panel PCs, Power Panels unite display and PC. With Windows® CE or Windows® XP embedded, they function as thin clients and round off the lower end of the performance range to create especially cost-effective automation solutions.

Mobile panels

Ergonomic, light and extremely impact-resistant, Mobile Panels allow convenient and safe monitoring and operation right where the action is. Display sizes range from 5.7" QVGA to 8.4" VGA.

Industrial monitors

Automation Panels are the ideal visualization devices for Box PCs or can be used to expand Panel PCs. They are available with a touch screen and/or input keys in a wide variety of display sizes.

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