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Registration mark detection

Task: Detect small, freely positioned registration marks (up to 1 mm)

Technical data: 13 μs exposure Many exposure colors, can be changed at runtime

Advantage: Reliable detection, even with low-contrast print colors Cost savings through reduction of materials and waste

Made possible by: Complete integration of the camera in the control system

Product tracking

Task: Read data matrix codes on fast-moving metallic parts

Technical data: Product speed 56 m/s (202 km/h); Reflective surfaces

Advantage: Reliable reading at high speeds; Integrate into automation system and put into operation in a few hours

Made possible by: Powerful lighting and tight synchronization

Labeling machine

Task: Position label based on bottle seam or embossing

Technical data: Rotation: 450 rpm; Throughput: 180 bottles per minute

Advantage: Easy configuration of optimal imaging angle Good contrast for fast detection

Made possible by: Switch between area and line-sensor mode on the fly

Sheet metal forming

Task: Final product quality inspection

Technical data: Capture products up to 1.2 meters in length; Resolution <300 μm

Advantage: High resolution and flexible changeover through integrated recipe management

Made possible by: 1280 x 4096 pixel resolution in line-scan mode

Production of personal care products

Task: Detection of print features to control register and cutting

Technical data: Product speed >8 m/s; Cycle time 16.1 ms

Advantage: Fast production cycles; Fast and easy implementation

Made possible by: Microsecond synchronization and fast FPGA image preprocessing

Product tracking

Task: Read ID (barcode or QR code) under challenging conditions

Technical data: Damaged/dirty product ID; Partially wet surfaces or mist

Advantage: Reliable code reading (1D and 2D) without external lighting; Integrate into automation system and put into operation in a few hours

Made possible by: Homogeneous lighting and robust algorithms

Blow molding

Task: Real-time control of extruder parameters

Technical data: Synchronized IR; backlight Vision fully integrated in the control loop

Advantage: Boosted OEE; Machine vision and HMI implemented in less than a week; Synchronized measurement data acquisition during runtime

Made possible by: Precise synchronization between machine control and vision

F&B pick-and-place

Task: Detect products on conveyor belt

Technical data: Backlight with 25,000 cd/m²; Axis-synchronized image processing <1 μs

Advantage: Easy data handling and integrated HMI; Added detail through synchronous back and front lighting

Made possible by: Extremely powerful illumination through conveyor belt; Optional addition of synchronized camera lighting

Paper roll production

Task: Detection of defective or misaligned rolls

Technical data: Product speed 50 m/s; Synchronized mechanical sorting

Advantage: Adaptability to product color; changes with configurable lighting colors Prevention of downtime

Made possible by: Easy synchronization of motion control and camera system

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