Six axes for any application

B&R customers can choose from a broad selection of 6-axis articulated arm robots. B&R will soon add the new IRB 1300 series to its portfolio. This series is characterized by higher performance with a significantly smaller footprint and less weight.

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Maximum performance with delta robots

The B&R portfolio includes delta robots from ABB and Codian. The versatile selection of robots make it possible to sort, group and order products at high speeds – even in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications.

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More productive with ready-made software components

A ready-made software solution from B&R helps OEMs implement pick-and-place applications significantly faster. Not only does the system control the robot itself, it also handles coordination with other axes, conveyor belts or tracks.

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Virtual commissioning with a digital twin

All of the comprehensive simulation options available in the B&R system are available for the robotics as well. All of a machine's software and hardware – robotics included – can be represented in the form of a full digital twin and simulated at whatever scope or depth is needed. Not only does that accelerate development and commissioning, it continues to provide benefits throughout maintenance and ongoing operation.

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