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The Control Performance Monitor (CPM) helps plant operators work more efficiently. Based on standard data found in every control loop, the CPM control module automatically calculates parameters that can be used to evaluate control performance.

These parameters are summarized in an analysis report that is tailored to the respective control loop. The graphics in the report make it easy to quickly identify typical fault scenarios (e.g. valve friction) that have a negative effect on control performance. APROL CPM works in real time and enables highly dynamic analysis.

  • Highlights
  • Informative KPIs
  • Control performance clearly visible at all times
  • Easily adaptable parameters
Intuitive comparison of all PID controllers in the plant

Control loop, plant and ad hoc reporting

  • The following functions are available:
  • Loop reporting: Detailed report of characteristic control loop parameters
  • Plant reporting: Identify control problems at a glance
  • Ad hoc reporting: Create your own key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for control quality comparison

Dimensionless Key Performance Indicators (KPI) make it possible to compare the performance of different control loops. Each KPI is composed of various parameters provided by the CPM control module. They can have values ranging from 0% (poor) to 100% (very good).

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