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APROL system software and X20 automation components are continuously confronted with new challenges in manufacturing, process and factory automation applications all around the world.

  • Installations in different industries
  • High performance, system reliability and availability
  • Optimized, efficient operation throughout an asset's lifecycle
  • Upstream, downstream and auxiliary processes all automated by APROL
  • Current process values managed online in a central real-time database
  • Updates and new innovations interoperable with installed base
  • I/O modules – High-performance, robust design and variety

Full scalability

APROL perfectly adjusts to meet demands with complete scalability from a single node with 50 I/O channels to a large plant with 500,000.

Single node

A single-node system is composed of one Automation PC and one controller. The engineering, runtime and operator systems are installed on the Automation PC in separate Linux systems.

Client/Server architecture

Larger systems can feature up to 63 optionally redundant runtime servers. The operator station obtains its real-time data as a client from the runtime server.

Engineering/Commissioning as a team

The concurrent engineering functionality of the APROL process control system allows up to 25 engineers to work simultaneously on one project.

Redundancy at every level

APROL can be implemented with partial or full redundancy at every level. This ensures the necessary level of availability for all bus systems, operator stations, runtime servers and controllers.

Safety fully integrated, but separated

Safety controllers and safe I/O modules are fully integrated in the system. The SafeDESIGNER engineering software, however, is separate from CaeManager engineering.

Functionality independent of system size

Regardless of the size of their system, users enjoy access to the full range of unrestricted APROL functions and features and can work in the same familiar engineering environment.

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