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APROL – Flexible. Scalable. Modular.

APROL system software and X20 automation components are continuously confronted with new challenges in manufacturing, process and factory automation applications all around the world.

Continuous asset monitoring

By continuously monitoring manufacturing assets, it is possible to reduce maintenance costs and downtime while optimizing availability and utilization. More about asset performance monitoring

Vibration measurement

Damage or contamination in machinery and equipment can be detected by using vibration measurement. Condition monitoring using vibration measurement

Controller redundancy

APROL supports redundancy on all levels; operator bus and process bus, as well as runtime server and controller can be set up redundantly. Get redundancy at every level

Control performance monitoring

Based on standard data found in every control loop, the CPM control module automatically calculates parameters that can be used to evaluate control performance. More about control performance monitoring

Dashboards and reports

The powerful system component for business intelligence (BI) is a substantial addition to the many existing reporting options. Powerful system components for business intelligence

Update application software quickly and easily

The B&R APROL process control system's DownloadManager allows new software to be transferred to multiple controllers in parallel. Find out more...

Condition monitoring in the third dimension

It's now easier than ever to detect damage or contamination in machinery and equipment using the B&R APROL process control system. Find out more...

Exchange data with no interfaces

Traditionally, moving this data between shop floor and enterprise-level systems has required companies to invest time and money programming the necessary interfaces. APROL now offers a seamless, interface-free solution for convenient and cost-effective connectivity. Find out more...

Reduce alarm rates efficiently

The exploratory data analysis functions offered by the B&R APROL process control system are now also available for historical alarm data. This makes it possible to identify and eliminate unnecessary alarms and notifications. Find out more...

Simple evaluation of large amounts of data

B&R has upgraded the flexible APROL automation platform by adding a powerful system component for business intelligence. Find out more...

Reliable verification of quality

Centralized acquisition of operating and process data from machines and equipment using the APROL process control system is now much easier. Find out more...


Users of B&R's APROL process control system can now enjoy the benefits of OPC UA. Find out more...

Manage online parameters easier with APROL

B&R has integrated powerful online parameter management features in the APROL DisplayCenter. Find out more...

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