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Connected manufacturing requires safe data exchange not only within a machine but also between machines in a line. B&R has therefore expanded the possibilities for openSAFETY to transfer data via various transport media used in industrial automation.

  • Highlights
  • Transfer protocol can be freely selected
  • Support for modular machine lines
  • Wireless transmission
  • Self-organizing safety networks


This black channel has already been in use successfully for many years. Via POWERLINK, openSAFETY achieves up to 100 communication relationships and provides by far the fastest solution with safe response times below 20 ms. Networks with POWERLINK and openSAFETY are extremely stable and independent of the overall load on the network.


UDP is ideal for real-time communication via standard Ethernet, so it is therefore often used for industrial communication. openSAFETY can now transfer data using the black channel principle via UDP, which allows safe controller-to-controller communication for machines with UDP communication. Safe response times starting at 50 ms can be achieved. openSAFETY@UDP also supports up to 100 communication relationships. With UDP, the stability and response times depend on the overall load on the network. Despite these limitations to stability and response times, the number of applications with UDP is increasing because it is well-suited for WLAN or Bluetooth transmission.


OPC UA is considered the standard for controller-to-controller communication and is therefore also an ideal black channel for openSAFETY. OPC UA can provide performance comparable with UDP. Through the use of time-sensitive networking (TSN), response times will be reduced in the future and performance will no longer depend on the overall network load.

Safe production line automation with OPC UA

The combination of OPC UA and openSAFETY enables preconfigured communication and, for the first time, also supports fully automatic safe line communication for modular systems. Self-organizing safety networks make it possible to add or remove entire machines or individual components on the machine network without having to reprogram the safety application.

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