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mapp Cockpit from B&R is an advanced yet easy-to-use tool for commissioning and troubleshooting mapp components. Forming the technological foundation for mapp Cockpit are the web-based mapp View HMI system and an OPC UA information model.

  • Highlights
  • Easy systemwide diagnostics
  • High-precision analysis
  • Clear visual representation
  • Communication with OPC UA

Axes and axis groups, for example, can be controlled directly in the clean interface of mapp Cockpit. Commands from components – otherwise carried out as function blocks – are easily executed at the push of a button. How the components react can then be observed in real-time in the Watch window, where all relevant values are displayed in graphic form.

Universal Trace function

A systemwide Trace function makes it possible to analyze the characteristics of a machine with a high degree of precision. Variables on the controller and drive can be recorded and evaluated simultaneously down to the very cycle. Cycle times down to 50 µs are possible depending on the device without loading down the fieldbus. This way, it is possible to record the synchronized data of axis movements from a robot, the tool center point and the tool being used and visualize it in a diagram.

OPC UA communication

Information is exchanged between mapp Cockpit and the automation project via OPC UA. B&R makes use of the modeling rules set forth in OPC UA companion specification "OPC Unified Architecture for Devices". As a result, performing diagnostics with mapp Cockpit and a B&R automation system is not just extremely flexible, but also compliant with an established standard. Data from the automation system can be used by other OPC UA supported HMI applications in the future as well.

Since mapp Cockpit is based on mapp View, machine manufacturers and plant engineers will be able to integrate individual mapp Cockpit functions into their own mapp View HMI applications. This will make possible individual, flexible and easy-to-create commissioning pages tailored to the machine/operator target group in the respective corporate design.

Since it is based on standard technologies, mapp Cockpit is easy to integrate into any application.

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