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OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a manufacturer-independent communication protocol for automation applications in industry. It is based on the client-server principle and allows seamless communication from the individual sensors and actuators up to the ERP system or the cloud.

B&R has been relying on OPC UA for years and is an active member of various OPC Foundation working groups. Find out more about the solutions and products with OPC UA offered by B&R.

Configuring OPC UA devices and assigning access rights in B&R's Automation Studio engineering environment is completed with just a few clicks. PLCopen function blocks are used to implement OPC UA functions in an automation project.

Learning objectives and content

  • Basics, advantages and possibilities of OPC UA
  • Establishing a client connection to an OPC UA server
  • Integrating OPC UA devices in Automation Studio
  • Commissioning an Automation Runtime OPC UA server
  • Configuring the user role system
  • Using the OPC UA library
  • Handling certificates
  • Using service and diagnostics options

Your responsibilities include

  • Participants use OPC UA technology.
  • Participants connect OPC UA clients and servers in the network.
  • Participants configure access rights for OPC UA connections.
  • Participants use different OPC UA devices.
  • Participants provide data for higher-level systems.

Documents provided

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