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The B&R drive solution provides flexible, high-performance tools for coupling drives electronically. This makes it possible to implement couplings for both linear and non-linear movements.
High-performance drive control solutions from B&R ensure that coupled movements are performed with the highest degree of precision.

The use of PLCopen-compliant mapp Motion components facilitate these movements and make it easy to implement drive couplings.



Model number

Seminar Automation Studio training: Basics [SEM210.2]

Seminar Training: Integrated motion control: mapp Axis [SEM415.3]

2 days


Learning objectives and content

  • Basic information about axis couplings
  • Basic information about axis groups
  • Using virtual axes
  • Linear coupling and dynamic phase shift
  • Creating and using electronic cams
  • Structure and functionality of the cam automat
  • Overview of the different types of compensation gears
  • Implementation and modification using mapp function blocks
  • Diagnostics of couplings
  • Tasks and examples

Your responsibilities include

  • Participants will configure electrical axes.
  • Participants will put electrical axes into operation.
  • Participants will put electrical drives into operation and complete related diagnostics.
  • Participants will create sequence programs to control axes in automation projects.

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