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These product highlights await you in 2018

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Is an economic symbiosis of batch size 1 and mass production possible? – Digitalization alone is not enough to bring new products to market faster and stay competitive. The crux of the challenge is finding a way to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and productivity, even when mass producing customized products in batches of one. With intelligent transport system ACOPOStrak, B&R has created revolutionary possibilities for groundbreaking new machine concepts.

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B&R combines vision and machine automation

B&R fully integrates machine vision into automation. At SPS IPC Drives, the company unveiled the world's first vision solution seamlessly integrated with an automation system. The solution includes cameras, software and lighting accessories. The vision solutions portfolio will range from simple vision sensors to high-end cameras.

The eye for the machine

Produkt highlights for 2018

In addition to ACOPOStrak and the new vision system, B&R has further new products in store. The company is not only expanding the web-based visualization software mapp View, but also continuously expanding the OPC UA functions in the B&R’s Automation Studio. B&R also provides edge devices for connecting machines and systems to the cloud.

What else awaits you in 2018?

That was SPS IPC Drives 2017

Did you miss the SPS IPC Drives? We have summarized the highlights for you. In Nuremberg our visitors could not only inform about the product highlights such as the new edge devices or the new vision system, but also get an idea of the intelligent transport system ACOPOStrak at the live demonstrations.

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