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New muting modes make light curtains flexible | New simulation possibilities with B&R’s SuperTrak

Muting function blocks save costs

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With its new function blocks for programming network-integrated light curtains, B&R simplifies production of small batch sizes. Muting modes for network-integrated light curtains make it possible for objects of different sizes and shapes to pass through a light curtain without triggering a safety reaction. Read more about how to save costs by reducing hardware overhead.

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Are your process control systems safe from cyberattacks?

The production and automation levels of process manufacturing plants are increasingly interconnected, both with each other and with the Internet. The advantages of connectivity, however, are accompanied by heightened susceptibility to malicious software like viruses, trojans and worms. As these threats continue to grow, companies must protect their systems.

How to minimize your points of attacks

New simulation possibilities with B&R’s SuperTrak

Accelerate the commissioning of your machines with 3D modeling. How? B&R's industrial transport system offers extensive simulation options. Machine movements are visualized directly on a display as a 3D animation. This allows you to validate your machine design and control sequences.

► Example simulation

"With OPC UA, we want to cut down on the number of interfaces"

Machine tool builder exeron is convinced that OPC UA is the way forward. The specialist in electrical discharge machining has developed a communication solution based on the open IEC standard. We sat down with software specialists Michael Lamparth and Paulus Kolb from exeron and Sebastian Sachse, B&R's technology manager for open automation, to find out more about the OPC UA project and what plans and expectations they have for the future.

What will be the benefits?

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