Material Number Description
8F1TCA.DCB00000I-1 ACOPOStrak 2x 3 adjustment and control blocks for the diverter gap
8F1TCA.DCBT0000I-1 ACOPOStrak calibration block for height offset / calibration for diverter gap calipers
8F1TCA.DCDG0000I-1 ACOPOStrak calipers for diverter gap
8F1TCA.DHOMD000I-1 ACOPOStrak measuring device for determining the height offset of opposing double-v guide rails in the diverter area
8F1TCA.DSAT0000I-1 ACOPOStrak adjustment tool for precisely positioning segments horizontally in guide elements
8F1TCA.GAS00000I-1 ACOPOStrak assembly support, adjustable
8F1TCA.GAT01000I-1 ACOPOStrak alignment tool for guide element, 180° / guide element, 135°
8F1TCA.GAT02000I-1 ACOPOStrak alignment tool for guide element, 90° / guide element, 45° / guide element, straight
8F1TCA.GATST000I-1 ACOPOStrak alignment tool for guide stands
8F1TCA.GHAT0000I-1 ACOPOStrak height adjustment tool for accessory stands
8F1TCA.GMS00000I-1 ACOPOStrak measuring shuttle for guide rail transition
8F1TCA.SPTB0000I-1 ACOPOStrak pin-type bit for assembling/disassembling shuttle wheels
8F1TCA.SWGS0000I-1 ACOPOStrak wear gauge set: 1x v-wheel wear gauge, 1x flat wheel wear gauge

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