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Digitized: B&R's Industrial IoT solutions

A growing variety of products produced in ever smaller batches makes it increasingly challenging for SMEs to operate production cells economically. The advancements in digitalization, virtualization and connectivity that will enable them to succeed are major focal points for B&R in the development of new technologies. The advantages of this are enormous.

B&R edge solutions

Advanced analytics for brownfield assets

B&R's Orange Box lets users access previously unreadable energy and process data from digitally isolated machinery. The Orange Box is able to read data from the machine without any changes to existing hardware or software. Clearly visualized performance metrics make it easy to identify opportunities for targeted improvement so machinery can be operated more efficiently.

IIoT solution: Orange Box

OPC UA TSN: The future of communication has arrived

Integration of all communication from the ERP level to the field level is an essential requirement for today's most advanced production systems. To bridge the divide between IT and automation, plant operators are increasingly turning to the open OPC UA standard. When it comes to complex processes with real-time requirements, however, OPC UA has had its limitations. That is now changing thanks to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

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