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Online parameter management

Manage online parameters easier with APROL

The faceplate view (measuring points / online parameters) and control module view (online parameter groups) are available to clearly display and easily edit online parameters.

Starting up the application software is simplified by a list view that allows missing parameters (runtimes, delays, etc.) to be easily entered in addition to enabling the "Inhibit" flag for multiple control modules at the same time.


  • Clear representation
  • Simple commissioning
  • Transferring parameters with drag-and-drop
Parameter Management
Online parameter management has proven to be extremely helpful to commissioningtechnicians and system operators in very extensive plants.

New dialog boxes allow all parameters for a measurement point to be displayed at the same time as well as a comparison of several measurement points. Existing online parameters can also be transferred to other measurement points using these dialog boxes. When importing the online parameters into the project created in B&R's CaeManager engineering tool, a new version is automatically created with the version comment "Online parameters imported".

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