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The pharmaceutical, biomedical engineering and food industries place particularly high demands on machines. HMI systems must be free of wear and have no open grooves in order to meet stringent hygiene requirements. B&R's stainless steel panels provide IP69K protection and are perfectly suited for use in these conditions.

  • Highlights
  • IP69K
  • Projected capacitive multi-touch
  • 15.6" HD to 24" Full HD
  • DVI, SDL, SDL3
  • IP65 USB interface
  • Individual design options
  • Illuminated ring keys
  • E-stop switch
  • RFID reader
  • Custom design
  • Industrial PC integration

Smoothed stainless steel

B&R stainless steel panels feature a hygienic design and use especially resistant materials such as smoothed stainless steel, a high-quality polyester overlay and special sealing materials. The range of available panels extends from simple touch screen visualization terminals to operator panels with integrated control and drive technology. Fully-fledged Panel PCs are also available.

Touch screen technology – Reliable and intuitive

All stainless steel panels are equipped with multi-touch screens that can be operated easily and intuitively. Since touch screen technology is firmly anchored in everyday life, time-consuming training can be kept to a minimum. Operational safety is increased by ensuring that only sensible options are displayed on the screen, which minimizes the chances of unintentional operations being carried out.

Individual solutions

These standard stainless steel panels can be adapted to meet special requirements at any time. Manufacturing candy has different requirements and environmental conditions than processing meat, while filling highly salty or sugary liquids has different requirements than pressing and packaging pharmaceutical products. Changes in lifestyle and the resulting booming market for ready-made meals is another challenge.

Illuminated ring keys and RFID readers

The RFID reader on the panel makes it possible to securely regulate access without direct contact and without having to deal with passwords or key-operated switches. Not all operating elements can be implemented using a touch screen. Sometimes an illuminated push button with a clear signal or tactile feedback is required. As a result, illuminated ring keys can be integrated on request.

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