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Safety Innovations 2015


Break free from hardwired safety

B&R will be presenting a new series of safe digital mixed modules from its X20 SafeIO family – breaking down the barriers to entry for programmable safety technology. Even in the smallest applications, integrated safety technology is now no more expensive than a conventional relay solution.

Scalable: From entry level to high end – all B&R products are fully interchangeable without having to make any major functional changes. Safety solutions on the smallest scale can now be implemented with a single X20 SafeIO module.

Apple Bullet LightCurtain

Turbo-charged safety technology

B&R is extending the use of reACTION technology into the area of safety applications. This technology makes it possible for time-critical subprocesses to be executed directly in the I/O modules, which enables drastic reductions in response times. What's more, no expensive special hardware is needed to use reACTION technology, and programming is just as easy as it is for conventional control solutions.

The reACTION module handles a portion of the processing, relieving both the controller and the network and in many cases allowing them to be scaled down. In most cases, the resulting savings more than outweigh the added cost of the reACTION modules.


Select safe operating mode via HMI

mapp technology allows the operating mode to be safely selected on the HMI panel, rendering key-operated selector switches obsolete. This is made possible by new, safety-certified mapp blocks and visualization objects. Any B&R panel can serve as the HMI, and no extra safety certification is required.

buscontroller integriert

Integrated bus controller

B&R's new safety controller, the SafeLOGIC X20SL8101, features an integrated I/O interface and power supply to which X20 modules can be directly connected. Like all B&R safety controllers, it also has an integrated interface.

The X20SL8101 can process data from up to 300 safety nodes, setting new performance standards for safety controllers.

bei netzwerkausfall

Autonomous mode after network failure

The new SafeLOGIC X20SL8101 safety controller and SafeIO modules featuring reACTION technology all support blackout mode. In blackout mode, the safety application continues to run following a failure of the network or main controller. Complex autonomous sequences can be programmed for such a scenario, eliminating the need for an expensive redundant solution.

openSAFETY Panel

Just one cable

New openSAFETY operator panels from B&R allow safe data exchange over the bus system. With the integrated openSAFETY interface, there is no need to wire the E-stop, mode selectors and start buttons separately.

The only connections that openSAFETY operator panels need are for the bus and the power, so it's easy to place them exactly where they are needed. Installing and servicing swing arm systems just got a whole lot easier.


Comprehensive library for press applications

With the new PLCopen-compliant library for press applications, B&R is one of the first manufacturers to offer a complete set of the function blocks specified in PLCopen Part 4. As a result, users working with safety-critical press applications will have a much easier time setting up the necessary safety functions.

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