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Innovations 2014


Control technology



With reACTION technology, B&R is able to reduce response times in industrial automation applications down to 1 µs. This new approach allows extremely time-critical subprocesses to be managed using standard hardware – all within the requirements of IEC 61131 – while cutting costs by reducing the load on the controller and optimizing performance to match demands. The result is an immense increase in performance without added costs.

Find out more about reACTION TECHNOLOGY


Compact X20 controllers with integrated I/O

B&R has expanded the X20 system to include a new series of compact controllers with integrated I/O. As with all X20 CPUs, additional I/O modules can be connected either locally or remotely using cables. The new compact CPUs are offered in various types with different levels of performance and features. Each of these systems comes equipped with 32 built-in digital and analog I/O channels and an x86 processor as standard features. Integrated POWERLINK, standard Ethernet, CAN, RS232 and USB interfaces are also available.

Find out more about Compact X20 controllers with integrated I/O


HMI and PC systems


New HMI family – Power Panel T-series and C-series

Terminal and controller designs with touch screen

B&R is adding 2 new series to its successful Power Panel HMI family: Power Panel T-Series terminals and Power Panel C-Series controllers – both featuring analog resistive touch screens. Equipped with an embedded browser, Power Panel T30 terminal devices are fully web-compatible and can even be used as a Visual Components client. The terminal series is being offered with four TFT display sizes ranging from 4.3" to 10.1" and comes with 2 Ethernet interfaces, 2 USB ports and an extensive array of configuration options.

Find out more about the new HMI family – Power Panel T-series and C-series


Modular support arm systems

Fully enclosed panels with IP65 protection are at their most advantageous when it comes to placement at the most optimal positions on the machine.

The continuing reduction of control cabinets in particular is increasing the need for input stations that can be installed flexibly. For this reason, completely enclosed Automation Panel variants are available for mounting on support arm systems.

Find out more about modular support arm systems


Panel PC 900 – The ideal system platform

Scalable performance

The full range of Panel PC 900 processors – from the single-core™ Celeron® up to the quad-core Core™ i7 – provide a versatile selection of CPU performance levels to make it the best platform for any application.

Find out more about the Panel PC 900 system platform



Laptop mit AS4

Automation Studio

Automation Studio 4 is the ultimate tool for machine and systems engineering. Through its sustainable and efficient approach to software development, it will help you keep your quality up, your engineering costs down and your time to market short – even in the face of ever-increasing product complexity.

Find out more about Automation Studio


Motion control


Repetitive control – Actively suppressing periodic disturbances

Repetitive control is an addition to standard controller cascading for the ACOPOS family from B&R. This technology function is beneficial in manufacturing processes with stationary disturbances and requirements for constant speed. The periodicity of disturbances is used to counteract future disturbances, substantially increasing the performance of the machine or system.

Find out more about Repetitive control


Active vibration suppression

Cost-optimized mechatronic designs and faster machine speeds are resulting in more and more drive systems being pushed to their limits. This also brings with it an increased vibration tendency, however. In order to achieve high performance when operating these systems, i.e. agile trajectories and highly effective suppression of disturbances, an improved control strategy is required. This is now possible using new integrated firmware functionality in the ACOPOS drive system.

Find out more about Active vibration suppression


Multizone tension control

Tension control is always required if production machines use continuous web. Regardless of whether the web is made of steel, plastic, paper, textiles or wire, the tension on the material should be kept as constant as possible. This allows high line speeds to be achieved with the highest level of productivity and minimal waste.

Find out more about Multizone tension control


Maximum hygiene for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals

The new stainless steel motors in the 8JSB series feature a hygienic design that allows efficient cleaning in the areas of foodstuffs production and medical engineering. With a smooth surface and IP69K protection, these motors satisfy the requirements of EHEDG, 3A and FDA hygiene standards, making them the optimal choice for harsh environmental conditions or in areas where machines are working with aseptic processes. These motors are characterized by the highest power density in this class.

Find out more about the new stainless steel motors


Process automation


Optimize production processes – APROL Advanced Process Control

Permanent optimization of production processes is mandatory to remain relevant over the long term in an atmosphere of ever-increasing global competition. Meeting the demand for optimized process control and system efficiency requires innovative strategies that go beyond conventional PID controllers.

Find out more about Process automation

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