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To ensure top quality and optimal productivity for sanding processes, high-precision pressure control of the sanding belt is a must. A real-time network is needed to ensure that the data from sensors is processed quickly enough. With POWERLINK, inputs (scanners) and outputs (pressure pistons) are synchronized down to the microsecond. The data is processed in a standard controller. reACTION technology is available to achieve even faster response times. This technology allows the data to be processed directly in the I/O modules.

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Synchronous and in real time

With POWERLINK, B&R achieves real-time synchronization for remote systems as well. Controllers and remote I/O run synchronously with a precision <100 ns. With sanding machines, for example, this means that the scanning sensors can be precisely controlled together with the conveyor belt and sanding unit. This increases processing quality and reduces costs since no special hardware is required.

Distributed and scalable

X20 and X67 I/O systems from B&R provide the optimal solution for distributed and scalable applications. Whether in the control cabinet (X20 system with IP20 protection) or directly on the machine (X67 system with IP67 protection), B&R I/O is the best choice when it comes to reducing wiring costs. These systems also make it possible to offer different machine configurations without having to develop new software.

Condition monitoring

The ability to predict machine and system failures before they occur reduces costs and increases availability. This is why B&R offers many different possibilities for taking advantage of condition monitoring.

Condition monitoring modules from the X20 series can accurately determine cases where service work may be needed. In addition to being extremely easy to configure, they also handle vibration analysis themselves. This makes it possible to easily leverage the data from condition monitoring modules to efficiently optimize existing processes.

APROL ConMon – an out-of-the-box condition monitoring solution also offered by B&R – provides even more extensive possibilities. This system continually measures, records and analyzes all relevant data to provide the information needed for efficient condition-based maintenance. Sustainable improvements to machine and system availability are the end result. APROL ConMon is based on and can be seamlessly integrated into B&R's APROL process control system. It is also available as a standalone version.

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