The food and beverage industry must balance two competing goals: market share and global sustainability. With the challenge of population growth comes increased awareness for the need to reduce energy consumption and waste.

We are witnessing a new industrial revolution with a focus on flexibility, connectivity and performance. For end users in the food and beverage industry, these are the factors with the most significant impact.

Here in our dedicated food and beverage portal, you'll learn how B&R can solve your unique challenges and give you a decisive technological edge in a fierce global market.

Production requirements

Success in any industry is closely tied to customer satisfaction. In today's global food and beverage market, customer satisfaction is influenced by an intangible and fleeting set of tastes and preferences. To keep pace with fast-changing consumer trends, production processes need to be both flexible and sustainable.

The pursuit of a balance between the conflicting goals of flexibility and cost-effectiveness has made the food and beverage industry one of the most innovation-driven around. Tomorrow's leaders in this industry are looking for production solutions that allow high availability coupled with maximum flexibility and human-friendly operation.

With B&R, you can:

Increase availability and product quality while reducing maintenance costs with APROL ConMon

Easily manage and control the energy efficiency of production lines with APROL EnMon

Perform convenient and comprehensive diagnostics with the SDM interface integrated in every B&R component

Enjoy quick support responses and rapid parts delivery thanks to B&R's global distribution and support network

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