With wind energy, moving air masses drive wind turbines in order to generate electrical energy. In particular, low-cost onshore wind power contributes a significant portion of worldwide power. For offshore wind power, it is expected that the costs will decrease dramatically because of new technologies and new installation and maintenance concepts.

Older wind turbines will be either replaced by newer, larger systems, which is referred to as repowering, or their lifespan will be extended by installing new components. Energy yield is increased by implementing new technologies, which is referred to as retrofitting.

Robust hardware for electrical and hydraulic blade adjustment

The powerful X90 controller with integrated safety technology was specially developed for harsh environments. The control system is suitable for either electrical or hydraulic pitch systems in both onshore and offshore wind turbines and can be installed either inside or outside the control cabinet.

Increased availability with redundancy

B&R maximizes the entire automation system's resistance to failure with a redundancy options for the controller, network and power supply.

Proven safety solution for wind turbines

The safety system is completely integrated into the standard (non-safety) control system and fully transparent. B&R's extensive portfolio makes it possible to create a cost-optimized safety solution for any application, as well as custom error responses.

Sistema X20 modules have been operated reliably for many years on several thousand onshore and offshore installations. They meet all the requirements for harsh ambient conditions, including large temperature fluctuations, continuous vibrations and salty atmosphere. To meet demands for increased availability, the various options for redundancy within the system have proven to be very effective.

The product portfolio and various remote access options for integrated Tecnologia di sicurezza enables efficient implementation of safety circuits, for example in accordance with GL 2010 and GL 2012 guidelines.

For Azimuth adjustment, the B&R motion control product range offers torque control for reducing wear on mechanical components as well as concepts for implementing redundancy to ensure operation – even if individual motors fail.

Because of the use of open standards, it is easy to connect other systems as needed.

The highly efficient development tool Automation Studio is used to configure the system. It makes it possible to manage the work of large, geographically distributed teams and protects intellectual property.

Interfaces are available for additional tools, such as electrical configuration and simulation tools or automatic generation of code from MATLAB/Simulink or MapleSim.

B&R has the perfect solution for...

Robust control platform

B&R's proven X20 system is characterized by the fact that it can be adapted to any application due to its thinness, modularity and flexibility.

Huge product portfolio, all fieldbus systems

More than 250 different X20 modules allow use in any conceivable application. Interfaces to all the relevant fieldbus systems are available for integrating and connecting the X20 system with various sensors, systems, etc.

Approved for maritime use and an extended temperature range

Nearly all standard system components are certified for maritime applications. This permits their use on ships or offshore and is a seal of quality for the products due to the strict testing that must be carried out. The X20 system offers, with only a few exceptions, a continuous operating temperature range from -25 to +60°C.

Heavy duty construction

In addition to products with IP20 protection, there is also a coated version of the system available that can withstand up to 100% humidity and corrosive gases as well as the X67 system for applications that require IP67 protection.


Increased availability through redundancy is a fundamental building block of energy technology. With its flexible product portfolio, B&R offers an efficient solution that can meet all demands.

  • Server redundancy on B&R's APROL process control system
  • Runtime Server
  • Operator stations
  • Hot / standby server redundancy
  • Standard X20 controllers
  • Extremely fast switchover times down to under a millisecond
  • Bumpless changeover
  • Network redundancy
  • Various fieldbus systems are available
  • Media and cable redundancy
  • Ring redundancy
  • Supply redundancy
  • Redundant 24 V power supply modules
  • Redundant power supplies
Groundbreaking safety technology

The B&R safety system provides a clear technological advantage with the highest level of safety and allows intelligent safety concepts to be implemented that would otherwise not be possible. The safety system is completely integrated into the standard (non-safety) control system and fully transparent.

Simple programming

Safety applications are created with pre-certified function blocks using a safe, integrated development tool. FBD and Structured Text programming languages are available for this purpose. In addition, there will also be the opportunity to create function blocks independently, for example in ANSI-C.

Remote maintenance and acknowledgment

An open interface for remote acknowledgment of errors and service scenarios is also available in addition to a remote update function for the safety application.

Comprehensive product portfolio

Various functions and different variants exist that can be used for all types of applications: IP20, IP20 coated or IP67 protection available:

  • Digital inputs
  • Digital outputs (0.5 A, 2 A and 10 A)
  • Relay outputs
  • Switching potential groups
  • Counter module detecting pulses
  • Analog inputs
  • Temperature inputs (PT100/1000 and temperature sensors)
Integrated Motion Control

As an expert in drive technology, B&R offers a very wide range of drive units: From compact, single-axis, multi-axis or motor-mounted servo drives to frequency converters.

Uniform control with Generic Motion Control

All drive technology components are integrated seamlessly into the Automation Studio development tool. Regardless of the drive and motor being used, all functions are available – from single-axis movements to CNC and robotics.

Simple solutions for complex control systems

Even the most complex control system requirements can be easily met using B&R drive technology. With technology packages for various solutions and an extensive standard library, any task can be solved in an efficient manner.

  • Further information:
  • Controllo di movimento
  • System overview - Drive systems
  • System overview - Frequency inverters
  • System overview - Motor systems
Open standards

The only future-proof solution is an open solution. Openness allows you to work with the tools you are most comfortable using. It allows machines to communicate effortlessly with external systems, and by facilitating the reuse of existing software for future solutions, it frees up valuable time to get your product to market faster. B&R offers openness on all levels and in all products.

Efficient development tool

Automation Studio is the ultimate development and runtime environment for every aspect of an automation solution – from control and motion technology to HMI, operation and integrated safety technology.

Automation Studio revolutionizes application development by providing:

  • One tool for all applications
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Consistent user interface for all aspects of an automation project
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Integrated protection of intellectual property through encryption and user libraries
  • Application modules: Independent, autonomous applications from different projects on one controller
  • Total freedom for software development
  • Hardware-independent software development
  • Versatile programming in IEC 61131-3, C, C++ and CFC languages
  • Automatic code generation e.g. from MATLAB/Simulink, MapleSim...
  • Unrestricted use of libraries representing 1,000 man-years of experience
  • Integrated remote access
  • Comprehensive remote diagnostics
  • Intelligent software update mechanisms
Automatic code generation

Algorithms and control loops developed in specialized tools can be very quickly and accurately implemented in control programs with automatic code generation. B&R offers a number of certified interfaces e.g. to MATLAB/Simulink or MapleSim.

The interface to Simulink is very simple to use. The input/output variables on the controller are simply defined in Simulink. The full power of Simulink is then available to the control program and also the controller component.

Intelligent vibration measurement

The X20CM4810 vibration measurement module is mainly characterized by impressive technical data that is provided at a low price and is easy to operate.

Integrated damage recognition

Complex mathematical calculations for frequency-selective evaluations can be configured directly on the module in order to detect a change without delay and react to it immediately. The raw data from the measurements can, of course, also be loaded onto the controller.

  • Technical features of the X20CM4810:
  • 4 IEPE channels
  • 24-bit resolution
  • 51.6 kHz sampling frequency
  • Evaluation of frequency-selective broadband parameters
  • Evaluation of frequency-selective envelopes or amplitude spectra
  • Evaluation of frequency-selective parameters for changing signals
  • Raw data memory on the module
Acquiring measurements for Condition Monitoring

APROL ConMon is B&R's solution for measuring, recording and evaluating all relevant condition parameters to provide optimal support for the continual improvement process.

  • Measurement, storage and compression of condition parameters
  • Online monitoring of parameters
  • Online linking of parameters
  • Evaluation of measurement data
  • Incorporation and processing of additional data

Flexible integration into existing automation solutions

APROL ConMon can be used as a standalone solution, independent of any existing management systems, SCADA systems, process control systems and PLC solutions, or it can be integrated into an existing APROL process control system.

Mains synchronization for generators

A core functionality of energy technology is to couple a generator to the power mains so that they are synchronized. This is where the X20CM0985-1 mains synchronization module comes in. With over 15,000 installations, this device has proven itself in the field for many years. It combines the full range of functions that are required for this application:

  • Synchronizing generators to the power mains,
  • Multifunctional measurement tasks,
  • Generator protection function and
  • Monitoring of power mains parameters

on a module.

Local outputs for status and energy meters

In addition to connectors for current transformers and voltage measurement, the module also has a number of digital outputs for direct wiring. For example, a coupling switch can thus be actuated and external energy meters can also supplied with count pulses. All measured values are available on the controller, which also handles configuration of the module.

Comprehensive energy metering

Compact X20 I/O modules are used to record all energy consumption data. The following is a detailed description of the modules that are used:

Electrical power measurement

X20AP energy metering modules for current transformers with 5 A, 1 A, 20 mA or 333 mV for active power, reactive power and apparent power; recording phase sequences, individual phases and cumulative values; current over neutral line; recording frequency and harmonics (up to the 31st harmonic)

Meter readings for volume/mass flow rate

X20CS1012 interface modules with integrated M-Bus master for connecting up to 250 M-Bus slaves (e.g. meter reading for gas, water, electricity, heat, and pulse meters)

Analog signals for volume/mass flow rate

X20AI analog input modules for analog measurement signals (e.g. flow rate)

Count pulses for volume/mass flow rate

X20DC digital counter modules for digital measurement pulses (e.g. flow volume)

Less wear, higher efficiency


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