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Newsletter 11/2018

Experience the first fully integrated machine vision system

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Wouldn't it be nice if your machine vision cameras could talk to your control system with microsecond precision? B&R now makes it possible – with the first ever vision solution to be seamlessly integrated in the automation environment.

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Data from your global fleet at your fingertips

Asset Performance Monitor is B&R's first cloud application based on ABB Ability. Around the clock and around the world, it collects machine data such as production rate and energy consumption and displays it in a clearly organized dashboard. This makes it easy to monitor and optimize key performance indicators from all your machines – anywhere and anytime.

Easily in touch with your machines

Humans and ACOPOStrak, hand-in-hand

The time of protective safety barriers is over: in the factory of the future, machines, robots and humans work freely, hand in hand. To enable the same level of seamless interaction between humans and intelligent transport systems, B&R is the first manufacturer to introduce the concept of human-track collaboration.

The future of safe productivity

The easy way to individualize your products

Consumer demand for product individualization continues to rise. What if there were a way to produce even the smallest quantities just as quickly and economically as in mass production? A way that doesn't involve long changeover times and high warehousing costs? ACOPOStrak is the solution for cost-efficient batch-size-one production. A real-world example from the bottling industry shows how it can be done.

Learn more about bottling on demand

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