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TM550 – SafeROBOTICS for serial kinematics

SafeROBOTICS expands the B&R SafeMOTION concept to include safety functions for an axis group (serial robot) coupled by mechanically rigid connections.

Movement is programmed in the standard (non-safety-oriented) application. The safety application created in SafeDESIGNER monitors this movement so that the configured limits are not exceeded.

The goal of this training module is to become acquainted with and learn to how to use the blocks made available by the SafeROBOTICS library for carrying out safety functions. To this end, blocks for configuring a serial kinematic chain are used, as well as blocks for configuring and implementing the safety functions and diagnostic blocks for verification purposes in SafeDESIGNER.

  • Learning objectives and contents
  • They know the difference between serial and parallel kinematics
  • They know the difference between the safety-oriented and standard application
  • They are familiar with the safety functions SafeRC SLS, SafeRC SLP and SafeRC SLO
  • They are familiar with the configuration of a serial kinematic chain using SafeROBOTICS blocks
  • They are capable of implementing the safety functions available in the SafeDESIGNER and of verifying using diagnostic blocks
  • Name
    Model number
    (TM) book_blue_open
    TM550 – SafeROBOTICS for serial kinematics
    Currently only available for download.
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