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Training: Condition Monitoring Based on Vibration Measurement [SEM280.2]

Modern machines benefit from continuous condition monitoring based on vibration measurement technology. This allows mechanical damage on the machine to be detected early so that necessary maintenance can be carried out. Depending on the application, the recorded data can be used for process optimization. The availability and productivity of the machine will increase as a result.

Objectives and content

  • General information on the topic of condition monitoring and the basics of vibration measurement technology
  • Areas of application and use cases
  • B&R vibration measurement systems
  • Project development in Automation Studio
  • Practical applications for damage detection
  • Imbalance, periodic impacts and bearing damage

  • Condition monitoring in a real machine environment

Responsibilities include

  • You program and configure software for machines.
  • You implement condition monitoring in machine software.
  • You optimize machine processes dynamically using machine status data.
  • You work to implement condition-oriented maintenance for your machine.
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