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Training: APROL Engineering Camp, Part 2 – Lab Work [SEM802.E6]

Increases knowledge of APROL to reach an expert level.

Concept: APROL Engineering Camp is composed of 2 parts:

SEM:801.E4 APROL Engineering Camp – Basic set as well as SEM802.E6 APROL Engineering Camp – Lab work

Part 2 - SEM802.E6:

The second part of the APROL Engineering Camp includes many new topics. These topics will be handled in theory before lunch; the lab work will take place after lunch.

The lab work itself covers new requirements to be implemented. Another goal is to use all of the available PAL (Process Automation Library) blocks.

  • Prerequisites and requirements
    Model number
    A basic technical education is required for participation.
    30 days / 6 weeks

Objectives and content

  • Labwork implemented using PAL library (Process Automation Library) and SysMon (System Monitoring)
  • In-depth library engineering including Python
  • VC and Safety in APROL – Basics
  • Advanced fieldbus engineering
  • APROL Service Workshop
  • Using AS (Automation Studio) libraries in APROL libraries
  • System update procedure
  • Plant simulation with WinMOD/IO switchboard
  • OPC link, Iosys
  • Concurrent and offline engineering
  • Analyzing and creating reports and customer reports
  • Configuring alarm lines and list engineering APROL redundancy (server, controller, network, etc.)
  • Open points
  • Introduction to APROL Solutions

Documents provided

  • (TM) book_blue_open
    All required documentation is provided on a USB memory stick.
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