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Accommodation and travel

Accommodation near Braunau
Interesting information about the region

The Innviertel region is located in the northwest part of Upper Austria and includes the districts Braunau am Inn, Ried im Innkreis and Schärding. Unlike the rest of Upper Austria, this region was mostly part of Bavaria up until 1779 (Treaty of Teschen). Referring to this region as the Innviertel is something that is relatively new (before it was commonly called Innbaiern). The new term was created by the Austrian government after annexation in 1779, which also divided the territory into four quarters1. More information about this is available here:


Event address and organizers

The B&R summer workshop will take place this year at the HTBLA Braunau from August 27 - August 29, 2018.

  • Event location
    HTLBA Braunau/Inn
    Osternbergerstrasse 55
    5280 Braunau
    B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
    B&R Strasse 1
    5142 Eggelsberg

Driving to HTBLA Braunau/Inn

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