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SEM910 – Workshop: Control and I/O system design

    • Model number:
    • SEM910.1

    • Description:
    • The process of designing and implementing the electronics is an important part of a machine's lifecycle. In this phase, system requirements must be harmonized with technical feasibility and available components.

      Proper selection of control components and infrastructure is critical. In addition to EMC-compliant installation, it is also important to consider the topology, system limits, ambient conditions and power management calculation for the entire control system.

      Lernziele und Inhalte

      • B&R system overview
      • Functions of the B&R website
      • User's manuals, data sheets and documents
      • Control and I/O system characteristics
      • Working with the X20 control system
      • Topologies and infrastructure
      • Mechanical and electrical configuration
      • Completing the power management calculation
      • Selecting and constructing the topology
      • Power supply, EMC installation and assembly
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