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mapp technology

Join the revolution with mapp technology

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B&R is revolutionizing the development of application software for automation with mapp technology. These modular software blocks simplify the development of new programs and reduce the development time for new machines and systems by an average of 67%.

When it comes to engineering new machines and systems, software development is becoming an increasingly significant time and cost factor. Nevertheless, the lion's share of this work is spent on programming basic functions like loading recipe data.

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67% faster development time
  • mapp eliminates recurring programming tasks for developers by providing preconfigured blocks that are easy to use and already extensively tested - so called basic functions. Programmers can concentrate on their main task: implementing machine or system processes in the application software.
    mapp blocks are seamlessly integrated into B&R's Automation Studio. What sets mapp function blocks apart is that they are extremely easy to configure and relieve the developer of having to program every single detail.
    They make it possible, for example, to put multi-axis systems coupled with cam profiles, electronic gears or various robot kinematics into operation in a matter of just a couple hours.
Increased machine availability

mapp blocks are seamlessly integrated into B&R's automation software landscape. This means that any developer who works with Automation Studio can implement mapp blocks to make their work easier and their application software clearer. The end results speak for themselves: increased machine availability, lower maintenance costs and much easier team collaboration.

Reduced investment risk

The mapp-blocks are based on B&R’s experience of hundreds of thousand automation solutions around the world. Therefore they are extremely reliable. Failures and machine downtime are things of the past. The investment risks decrease dramatically.

Lower maintenance costs

An important factor for higher efficiency is the low maintenance costs. That arises due to the multiple proven mapp blocks and maintenance by B&R. Complete documentation and help functions enhance the mapp tool box. If necessary, B&R supports with advice and assistance.

Extensive list of functions
  • When mapp is introduced, more than 70 mapp blocks will already be available. It is therefore possible to design software solutions for many extremely complex functions with less effort. We're not about to rest, though. B&R developers and maintenance specialists all around the world continue to expand the portfolio of mapp blocks to meet the demands of the future as well. This technology's complete integration into Automation Studio means that all of the new functions will be available through a simple update.
    • Single- and multi-axis functions
    • CNC and robotics functions
    • Recipe and alarm functions
    • User management and Audit Trail
    • Industry standards (e.g. PackML)
    • Trend functions
    • Extensive web diagnostics
    • Simple configuration using a browser
    • ...

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Statement: technical features

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