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Automation Studio Target for Simulink

Automation Studio Target for Simulink offers an interface for automatic code generation from MATLAB/Simulink for B&R target systems. The MATLAB®/Simulink® and Automation Studio simulation and development tools allow you to move from developing a model to generating high-quality program code in a matter of minutes. The languages C, C++ and Structured Text (specified in IEC 61131-3) are supported. Model-based development using MATLAB® and Simulink® improves production quality and reduces development times.

  • Areas of use
  • Rapid prototyping – Implementation at the push of a button
  • Model-based controller design
  • Development of complex control structures
  • Hardware-in-the-loop – Emulation of critical system components
  • Design of measured value filters
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Your benefits:
  • Accelerated development cycles
  • Increased productivity
  • Documented and reusable process knowledge
  • Optimized controller parameters
  • Extensive function libraries
  • Numerous evaluation options
  • Intuitive operation

The following software is required in order to use automatic code generation with B&R Automation Studio Target for Simulink®:

  • MATLAB® and Simulink® version 2016a or higher with B&R Automation Studio Target for Simulink® Version 6.0.0 or higher
  • Simulink Coder® or Embedded CoderTM 
  • C++/C compiler: depending on version of MATLAB®/Simulink®: e.g. SDK7.0 or Visual Studio
  • Automation Studio Version version 3.0.90 or higher is required in order to transfer code directly to Automation Studio during code generation.

External mode 

External mode makes it possible to link the target system to the Simulink model via TCP/IP and exchange data bidirectionally at runtime. Data can be made available to the target system directly in the Simulink model (e.g. using 'Scope' or 'Display') or written from the Simulink model to the target system (e.g. using the Simulink 'Gain' or 'Constant' blocks).

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