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Complete scalability of controller, visualization system and drive

Scalability doesn't just make a difference with regard to speed; it's also important depending on the areas of application themselves:

  • Scalable performance
    • Seamlessly adapted to CPUs of different performance classes
    • Automation Runtime makes it easy to port projects
    • Grows with the application
  • Scalable range of functions
    • Uniform programming interface
    • If a customer's solution is developed or new hardware is integrated, the runtime environment remains unchanged
  • Grows with the demands
    • The visualization project can be developed with the same runtime environment as the controller with Automation Studio™
    • Uniform control of ACOPOS™ motion systems
    • CNC functions can be added without leaving the runtime environment
    • Services like FTP or Web servers can simply be enabled or loaded
    • A secure CompactFlash file system allows PC-conforming data storage
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