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Today's production equipment generates huge volumes of data that must be collected and processed before it can be put to use. Traditionally, moving this data between shop floor and enterprise-level systems has required companies to invest time and money programming the necessary interfaces. The B&R APROL automation platform now offers a seamless, interface-free solution for convenient and cost-effective connectivity. This has been made possible by the integration of mapp Technology in APROL.

With mapp, application developers can set up an alarm, recipe or user management system in only a few clicks. Once configured, the precoded modular software components exchange data automatically. The alarm system, for example, logs alarms locally and then automatically sends them to APROL for long-term archiving. Even data entered manually via an operator terminal is sent to APROL.

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Uniform user management system

Automatic data exchange works in the other direction as well. A user role system can be created for mapp in APROL, which is then transferred to individual machines or plants and updated with any changes. The same applies to web-based HMI applications created using mapp View. The APROL Report Server prepares visualizations of the recordings in the APROL Trend System that are displayed on the machine's HMI.

Seamless configuration

The combination of mapp and APROL opens up an unprecedented level of seamless connectivity from the sensor to the factory automation level. With no interfaces to be programmed and reprogrammed, users are able to respond much more flexibly to future changes. An entire plant – from the top level down to the individual machines – can be designed in the APROL software development environment and then loaded onto the controllers. This simplifies the engineering process and allows projects to be completed faster.

Improved efficiency

Collected data can be conveniently analyzed and visualized using the APROL process data acquisition (PDA) component. If necessary, processed data can be forwarded to an MES or ERP system. The newly gained insight can bring a substantial boost in efficiency – whether you're operating a small discrete manufacturing line or a large processing plant.

mapp Technology and APROL enable interface-free data exchange from the shop floor to higher-level systems.

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