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Simple evaluation of large amounts of data

B&R has upgraded the highly advanced and flexible APROL automation platform by adding a powerful system component for business intelligence (BI).

Business intelligence enables systematic analysis of recorded operating and process data. Users can gain valuable information for the decision-making process with the help of standard reports, personalized interactive reports and ad hoc reports. Native iPhone and Android apps are available for mobile access.

Market interest for BI solutions is growing steadily due to the ineffective reporting and analysis functionality provided by conventional ERP and MES solutions that is a strong driving force for change. In addition, the front end is often only useful for specialist users with IT training.

The advantages

  • Clear analysis
  • Extremely customizable
  • Easy to operate

The individual processes

Various modules can be added to the BI platform to meet specificapplication requirements

Business intelligence consists of three steps: collection, analysis and presentation. The first step involves the collection of the data. This raw data can come from an ERP system, database or file, for example. It must then be filtered, cleaned up and harmonized before it can be subjected to analysis.

Simple analysis is possible with online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes. Complex statistical analysis is carried out using methods associated with data mining. In the third stage, the data is prepared for the presentation in the form of reports, PDF files or dashboards. The user can specify what data should currently be prepared. Compiling individual reports is as easy as using drag-and-drop. A manager may want boiled down, summarized performance data, while a process engineer can call up detailed information about an individual process.

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