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Inverter distribuito 8CVI

Le soluzioni di azionamento perfettamente adattate all’applicazione sono essenziali per mantenere competitivi macchine e sistemi. Proprio per questo motivo, l’integrazione diretta degli inverter nelle immediate vicinanze degli attuatori, senza la necessità di ulteriori misure accessorie, rappresenta una situazione ideale. Con il nuovo sistema di azionamento ACOPOSremote, B&R viene finalmente incontro a tale esigenza. Questa architettura offre molti vantaggi distinti dal punto di vista della configurazione delle macchine.

The ideal topology

One of the most substantial advantages has to do with the hybrid cabling between the inverters themselves. Simply connecting ACOPOSremote drive modules together in a line – the "daisy chain" wiring scheme – results in an uncomplicated and flexible machine architecture where energy is passed from one drive module to the next.

Integrated modularity

All modules in the ACOPOSremote product line are designed with IP65 protection, which makes it possible to mount them directly on the machine. The control cabinet then only has to contain the power supply, high-powered inverter modules and other necessary electrical switching devices. The result is a much easier implementation of modular machine architectures. When optional machine functions are required, they can easily be connected – with the requisite dimensioning of the power supply – to the machine's main line using hybrid cables.

Free motor selection

Because the inverter is separate from the motor, the user is free to select the actuator best suited to his drive solution. This is probably the best type of installation, especially for the linear and torque motors that are becoming more and more prevalent. It prevents the properties of the motor from being negatively influenced, and the maximum possible dynamics remain available throughout.

Homogeneous and compatible

ACOPOSremote drive systems offer the well-known functionality of the ACOPOSmulti drive family and can therefore be integrated homogeneously into a drive solution.

Optimal machine and system configurations are based on the ACOPOSremote – the ideal enhancement for modular drive solutions that require the highest levels of performance and flexibility.

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