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70 new mapp components

mapp technology reduces the development time for new machines and systems by an average of 67%. At the same time, mapp solutions are much more convenient to service and maintain. On top of the 70 components that were available when mapp was launched in December of 2014, another 70 have now been added.

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  • Highlights
  • Process optimization made easy
  • Improved efficiency
  • More time to focus on what's important

mapp AlarmX

With mapp AlarmX, managing alarms is easier than ever before. Rather than programming each alarm individually, you can now configure and manage them all centrally. mapp AlarmX functions independently of the HMI application. Alarms can also be sent via text message or email. Alarms can trigger actions such as opening a PDF file, playing an instructional video or displaying a virtual model of the machine with the location of the fault highlighted. These options all accelerate troubleshooting and boost productivity.

mapp RoboX

With mapp RoboX, you can control any robot kinematic system. Developers have complete freedom with up to 15 axes per instance of the mapp RoboX component, while still enjoying all the conveniences of mapp technology. The robot is simple to parameterize, with visualization and diagnostics already on board. This saves valuable time, both in development and during operation.

mapp Teach

For the next step there is mapp Teach, which provides intuitive teach-in functionality for defining and managing the robot's movement sequences. mapp makes robot commissioning child's play.

mapp OEE

mapp OEE calculates overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and displays it clearly on the HMI screen. Simply drag this mapp component into your Automation Studio project and it is ready to use with zero programming. The ability to view multiple OEE values – from different shifts, for example – in side-by-side graphics quickly highlights opportunities to increase productivity.

mapp Energy

All axes, robots and other mechatronic units consume energy. mapp Energy automatically collects this data for the entire machine via mapp links and displays it in a clear overview on the HMI screen. mapp Energy can also automatically convert consumption into costs using the current utility costs for the respective country. mapp Energy helps optimize the efficiency of processes and save production costs.

mapp Data

The functionality of mapp Data has been expanded considerably: With only a few clicks, you can configure the graphical display of process data directly via the user's HMI application for fast and easy system diagnostics. Relationships between variables and their behavior over time can be visualized clearly in graphic form. Operators can see at a glance how to further optimize their production process.

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