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The Sistema X20 is perfectly suited for use in retrofit projects due to its versatility and scalability.

A module for synchronizing generators with power mains is available as well as a comprehensive portfolio for the power measurement.

The product range is rounded off by the cost-effective and customizable C-Series and T-Series visualization devices. They are available with a integrated controller or purely as a display device.

B&R has the perfect solution for...

Robust control platform

B&R's proven X20 system is characterized by the fact that it can be adapted to any application due to its thinness, modularity and flexibility.

Huge product portfolio, all fieldbus systems

More than 250 different X20 modules allow use in any conceivable application. Interfaces to all the relevant fieldbus systems are available for integrating and connecting the X20 system with various sensors, systems, etc.

Approved for maritime use and an extended temperature range

Nearly all standard system components are certified for maritime applications. This permits their use on ships or offshore and is a seal of quality for the products due to the strict testing that must be carried out. The X20 system offers, with only a few exceptions, a continuous operating temperature range from -25 to +60°C.

Heavy duty construction

In addition to products with IP20 protection, there is also a coated version of the system available that can withstand up to 100% humidity and corrosive gases as well as the X67 system for applications that require IP67 protection.

Mains synchronization for generators

A core functionality of energy technology is to couple a generator to the power mains so that they are synchronized. This is where the X20CM0985-1 mains synchronization module comes in. With over 15,000 installations, this device has proven itself in the field for many years. It combines the full range of functions that are required for this application:

  • Synchronizing generators to the power mains,
  • Multifunctional measurement tasks,
  • Generator protection function and
  • Monitoring of power mains parameters

on a module.

Local outputs for status and energy meters

In addition to connectors for current transformers and voltage measurement, the module also has a number of digital outputs for direct wiring. For example, a coupling switch can thus be actuated and external energy meters can also supplied with count pulses. All measured values are available on the controller, which also handles configuration of the module.

Comprehensive energy metering

Compact X20 I/O modules are used to record all energy consumption data. The following is a detailed description of the modules that are used:

Electrical power measurement

X20AP energy metering modules for current transformers with 5 A, 1 A, 20 mA or 333 mV for active power, reactive power and apparent power; recording phase sequences, individual phases and cumulative values; current over neutral line; recording frequency and harmonics (up to the 31st harmonic)

Meter readings for volume/mass flow rate

X20CS1012 interface modules with integrated M-Bus master for connecting up to 250 M-Bus slaves (e.g. meter reading for gas, water, electricity, heat, and pulse meters)

Analog signals for volume/mass flow rate

X20AI analog input modules for analog measurement signals (e.g. flow rate)

Count pulses for volume/mass flow rate

X20DC digital counter modules for digital measurement pulses (e.g. flow volume)

Cost-optimized visualization

The Power Panel C-Series and T-Series are available as cost-optimized visualization devices. The C-Series functions as a controller with integrated PLC functionality, and the T-Series is used as a terminal. Both series are available in various display sizes, formats and panel overlay colors.

  • These products are characterized by:
  • an extremely compact design,
  • an optimized border width without compromising the mounting and sealing surface
  • and cost-effective wiring.

Custom look and feel

Customer-specific panel overlay variants are available and after the initial prototypes can even be obtained as individual units.

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