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The energy industry is facing major challenges as the transition to more renewable energy sources requires new technologies for generating, transmitting, distributing and storing energy. The core objective of the energy industry is ensuring supply while also offering consumers competitive energy prices.

With intelligent solutions, B&R sets standards for connecting different energy systems, data acquisition, and energy measurement, as well as implementing measures to increase energy efficiency.


Innovative solutions for the energy industry

All relevant information is available in the brochures. (PDF; 2.5 MB)

  • Robust control platform
  • Full redundancy
  • Groundbreaking safety technology
  • Open interfaces and telecontrol protocols
  • 2/3 shorter development time with mapp
  • Data management and O&M


Mastering the energy transition

With forecasts predicting at least a 20% increase in energy prices by 2020, improving energy efficiency will be an effective way to control costs in addition to securing a competitive edge. With APROL EnMon, B&R offers a solution to measure, log and evaluate all relevant energy consumption.

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