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Dynamic HMI design made easy

mapp View Paper widget
New from mapp View: Paper widget allows users to display SVG images and create animated HMI content using real-time process data.

Easy HMI animations with mapp View's Paper widget

mapp View's new Paper widget makes it easier to visualize complex manufacturing processes with dynamic HMI content. The new widget allows users to animate SVG images with runtime data.

Configurable animations from a single SVG image

Simply drag and drop the new widget onto the desired page in your HMI application and configure it there. At runtime, animation of the SVG image can be controlled directly from the application program. Rotations, transitions and movements can all be animated from a single SVG image – saving the time and cost otherwise needed to create sequences of multiple images.

High-resolution zoom

Among the advantages of using SVG images: Since they are based on vector graphics, they retain their high resolution without any loss of quality even when zoomed in.

mapp View Paper widget
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