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B&R to present advanced automation technologies at Automation Expo 2019

A new dimension with advanced automation

Hall 1, Stall S1 at Automation Expo 2019 in Mumbai, India from September 25 to 28 will be the place for B&R to present cutting-edge technology and solutions enabling smart manufacturing. B&R’s innovative solutions enabling Indian OEMs, factories, MSMEs, SMEs for Industry 4.0 readiness will be on display at the booth. Today's manufacturing industry requires high-performance automation solution and places high demands on improvement of overall efficiency across the board.

Taking quality to new level

At the expo, B&R highlights its unique machine vision system, a solution enabling machine builders to seamlessly integrate vision application in existing automation systems. The portfolio includes intelligent cameras, quality lenses, flexible lighting and powerful image processing algorithms. This flexible and versatile machine vision solution is being used in product inspection and position detection; raw material, quality, process and label inspection; presence check; position detection; and registration mark inspection to achieve highest quality and efficacy.

Reliable flexible manufacturing

OEMs and manufacturers are searching for flexible, responsive manufacturing solutions to achieve smaller batch sizes with frequent and quick changeovers. Visitors at the expo can experience a revolution in product transport for adaptive manufacturing, which offers unmatched dimensions of flexibility and usability. B&R’s SuperTrak and ACOPOStrak redefines production economics and equipment effectiveness. Its unique design delivers decisive technological advantages for adaptive, connected manufacturing by producing small batches efficiently and benefit from higher margins in personalized products.

Complete system with consistency

Edge architectures from B&R make life easy for factory operators and plant owners by providing a variety of options tailored to their requirements. Edge Connect allows them to gather data directly from sensors and actuators in the field, which can then be shared securely with any cloud platform using the open-source OPC UA protocol – making it the easiest way to collect data from the field. Edge Embedded goes a step further, providing basic intelligence, trends, reporting, data aggregation and the possibility of viewing data locally on the shop floor. Edge Controller provides factories with comprehensive on-site analytics, business intelligence and machine learning – giving them full control of their data. Edge Embedded and Edge Controller can also be equipped with energy and condition monitoring tools. Edge architectures from B&R are the perfect way to begin the transformation toward the smart, connected factories of the future.

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