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B&R strengthens its presence in Spain with the new partner network

The Qualified Partners of B&R in Spain are those companies that, besides sharing the motto "Perfection in Automation", have successfully carried out different projects of high added value for their customers and overcome demanding continuous training that from B&R are given. Opening the channel of Qualified Partners is the new proposal of B & R to have greater territorial capillarity, with the aim of providing a more personalized service.

The network of partners allows us to reach the entire national territory

Systems integrators, engineering companies and OEMs have been interested in participating in the Qualified Partners program of B&R, the leading Austrian company in industrial automation technology, thus providing a greater presence throughout the country.

The perfect match

The perfect combination occurs when the specific know-how of the partners meets the technological forefront of B&R. This results in a wider range of innovative solutions and a significant reduction in the time to market of these solutions. "Customers feel a greater sense of security when leading companies work together to offer them the best solution," says Alex Blanquer, B&R's Qualified Partner Manager.

Ramon Diaz, Country General Manager, specifies "we are not talking about a distribution channel but rather that the partners are an extension of the same company. In this way, both partners and B&R not only add up, but multiply their value in the market".

Thanks to this network of partners, the implementation of technological advances is facilitated for large and small companies, allowing them to acquire B&R technology in vision systems, magnetic tracks, machine-centric robotics, adaptive machines, and the extensive portfolio of the Austrian company.

Global presence

Initially, the eleven companies that make up this network of partners in Spain are Bereiker; DPR Automatismos; Electroal; Industrial Controller, Mecatrans; SIDE; Smarlogy; TAIB Automation; Tavil IND; TEG and Tekniker. There is a great knowledge in these companies in strategic sectors such as pharmaceuticals, packaging, food and beverage, plastics, etc., which adds to the high degree of experience that B&R has in these markets.

The B&R Qualified Partner program is present in other countries such as Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Russia and Switzerland with more than 150 companies that allow to reach all the industrial fabric where it is present.

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