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Successful companies continuously work to improve their business processes, yet doing so requires a successful approach to managing and organizing huge amounts of data. How can your company take advantage of this data to remain completely independent, totally organized and fully able to act when the time is right? That's where the APROL Business Intelligence solution comes in. Martin Reichinger, business manager at B&R, explains how you can leverage this information to make your company's processes more efficient across the board.

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What do you know about business intelligence?

The amount of data used in production systems has skyrocketed in recent years. On large systems, data can quickly reach gigabyte or even terabytelevels. Such large amounts of data can only be managed when processed systematically. B&R's business manager, Martin Reichinger, explains how they can use this to optimize their production processes.

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Communication for industry 4.0

Unsure about how to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0? The decisive factor is seamless communication between a wide variety of subsystems and components. Thanks to POWERLINK and OPC UA, devices from different manufacturers can work together optimally at every level. Find out how this interaction works and how you can hold onto your engineering freedom at the same time.

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More efficient energy production and usage

The energy industry is facing major challenges as the transition to more renewable energy sources requires new technologies for generating, transmitting, distributing and storing energy. The core objective of the energy industry is ensuring supply while also offering consumers competitive energy prices. This whitepaper explains how intelligent solutions are employed to increase energy efficiency.

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