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Every year B&R arranges numerous events for machine and plant builders and end users anywhere in the world. Participants experience the latest automation technology of B&R. In the current automationLETTER you get an insight to the experiences and views of further events.

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Industry 4.0, real-time applications with microsecond responsiveness and modular panel PCs – these were just some of the many topics explored at the 2014 B&R User Meeting.

Whether machine, plant and factory automation or process control technology, B&R presented an exciting an informative program for representatives across the field of industrial automation and process control.

Specialists from B&R, industry experts and B&R customers were on hand to discuss current trends in industrial automation, including increasing machine scalability, advanced maintenance strategies, the current market situation of real-time Ethernet and M2M communication technologies. The latest version of B&R's APROL process control system – Release 4.0 – was also introduced. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback following last year's event, Expert Workshops were also once again offered on a wide range of topics.

Next Innovation Day on November 07, 2014, in Switzerland:

A B&R Innovation Day event will be held again this year in Switzerland. This event not only offers information about the latest technologies and product trends, it also provides the ideal opportunity for visitors to talk and share their experiences. We hope to see you there!

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