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Digitalization on track
The revolutionary design of B&R’s intelligent transport system enables adaptive manufacturing systems for flexible and efficient production. More...


“The fruits of Industry 4.0 will not grow from isolated solutions.”
Research associates from TU Darmstadt report on how Germany’s SMEs are progressing in their digital transformation and where they still see room for improvement. More...


Müller Martini: Print finishing
Finishing is just the beginning More...

Hultafors: Hand tool production
The exception that proves the rule More...

Mitsubishi: Turbochargers
Reliability counts More...

PCMC: Printing and converting
Short runs, shorter learning curve More...

EPSG holds Europe-wide student competition More...

ŠKODA: Condition Monitoring
Records rolling off the line More...

EngRoTec: Human-robot collaboration
The man-machine dream team More...


Greater efficiency for machinery and equipment
Each new machine is expected to be more flexible and efficient. Heralded as a silver bullet in this pursuit is the Industrial Internet of Things. More...

Reliable giants
Mining excavators move mountains of earth every second, so downtime comes at a hefty price. The cost of achieving the crucial reliability can be reduced considerably through intelligent maintenance. More...

Control loops tuned for optimum performance
PID controllers often fall victim to a “set it and forget it” approach. The task of constantly checking and adjusting them is simply too time consuming. The situation is much easier with B&R’s ready-made software components. More...

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